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Worth It

Last weekend the first Milk Bar in Los Angeles opened. But no matter how much I begged and pleaded, I couldn’t convince hubby to brave the traffic and participate in the opening day activities. If you are a fan of the Netflix series’ Chef’s Table, you know what Milk Bar is. Founding chef Christina Tosi has a bit of a sweet tooth and likes to go to the fair to test out desserts to get inspiration for new creations. She is famous for her “Crack-pie.” This led me to making a list of my favorite places to eat in Southern California for breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert:


Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa: Their Butter and Salt yummy goodness took me back to the Arizona State fair where I tried the love of my life, deep fried butter. It was soft, warm, and the perfect blend of its two ingredients.

Remember when Oprah and Gayle went to the Texas State fair on their road trip?  That was the gateway to my love affair with fair food (and introduced me to the aforementioned deep fried butter)


Fat Sal’s in Hollywood: This restaurant is famous for their gigantic sandwiches.  You can either be ambitious enough to eat it on your own or share it with someone you love. My favorite is the Fat Buffalo with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, blue cheese, etc. My mouth waters just thinking about it.


Braise and Crumble: Hubby and I discovered this restaurant in Pasadena on a date night. Their Fried Chicken Po’Boy was delicious but the Gorgonzola potato salad is what we fought over and took home to let the kids try. If I could buy a gallon of it and figure out how to freeze it without it going bad, I would.


Magnolia Bakery: It’s amazing the lengths I will go to try a dessert I see on Instagram. Such is the case with Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding. I drove 12 miles of LA streets to try this pudding and it was worth every inch we moved in the Saturday traffic.

Burger Parlor: Burger Parlor is a burger and fries restaurant we love to go to in downtown Fullerton. Their burgers give Shake Shack a run for their money as far as my hubby is concerned while I love their turkey one. But their Cap’n Crunch milkshake is quite possibly the best shake I have ever had. You would think it might be too sweet but every time I have it I think:

Now if you don’t mind I am going to go eat my feelings after my workout as this week’s news has been hot garbage.

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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Bringing the 60s back

Y’ALL. I checked my beloved weather app this week and it could get as low as 61 degrees at night. I am savoring that chill. I am imagining the fireplaces being used all around town because any weather below 65 degrees makes us Californians bust out the scarves and hats. I need my denim jacket at night and it is GLORIOUS. It makes me dream about my fall wardrobe which led me to scouring my go to websites Target and Gap and even checking out others (Eshakti). Hubby and I have three scheduled dates for fall and I need new outfits, right?

Foster the People concert

Since we like to do stuff as opposed to buying stuff, this concert is to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Hubby would probably think something is wrong if I wore a dress and heels so jeans and a tank it is:


Universal Thread Tank 

Gap Grey Girlfriend Jeans 

Silver Metallic Hi Top Chucks 

Pacifica Firebird Lipstick 

Baublebar Silver hoops 

Horror Made Here

This year we are braving the studio lot at Warner Bros for their horror event. I will be counted on to do lots of screaming and running so again comfort is key:



Nightmare before Christmas T

Gap Cords (my top fall go to) 

I am dying over these penny loafers 

There is no more back to school for me (can I get an AMEN?) but I still need this backpack

Dear Evan Hansen

In November we will be going to see the musical Dear Evan Hansen in Los Angeles. As I type this I am trying to contain my excitement because it is SO FAR AWAY. While I wait I will have the cast recording on repeat and purchasing my theater (say that in a snotty tone to get the real effect) wardrobe:


Have you heard of Eshakti? I was clued into this website by a brilliant group of women and all I can say is dresses with pockets (It also gives me that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel feel, which is my new favorite show if only for the droolworthy costumes but also because it is hilarious)

T Straps 

Baublebar Crawler earrings to make feel a little punk rock 

Gold Clutch

And just because I have a thing for overalls and stripes:


Universal Thread Charcoal overalls 

Gap long sleeve stripe crewneck 

Gap grey ankle boots 

Are you excited for sweaters, jeans, and boots? Is it cold where you live yet? Tell me so I can live vicariously through you!

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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On Saturday August 25th, the family and I headed up to Los Angeles for a day of fun. My long suffering husband rode shotgun as I drove us to the Skirball Cultural Center, Sparrow Mart, and finally, Cinespia. We covered a lot of the freeway system and would you believe that my hands still hurt from gripping the steering wheel (road rage side effect)? We had some struggles throughout the day with the traffic, missing Sparrow Mart, and just becoming hangry. But we also experienced Jim Henson’s world and checked off an essential LA event, Cinespia. It almost felt like a last hurrah for summer before we gear up for Fall.



Stood in line for about 20 minutes just to buy tickets and then another 45 minutes to get into the exhibit


A reminder for anyone who needs it


Kermie welcoming us in


Fun fact: I dated a guy in high school who looked just like Beaker. I will always love Beaker.


The Dark Crystal: creeping me out while also making me love them since 1982


 Forever in my heart

If you aren’t aware of Kehinde Wiley, you should be


Reality Check at Skirball: Red threw a fit, rolled his eyes, and kept saying “I’m bored.” Red and Curls wouldn’t stop fighting and irritated me so much that I snapped at one of the employees when she wanted to only give us one program (which I apologized for after I calmed down).

After Skirball we drove back down the 405 to Sparrow Mart, an art installation at The Standard Hotel in Downtown LA. The artist created the inside of a grocery store from the 1980s and everything was made from felt.

We got there before they closed but were told after standing in line for 10 minutes that the last person to get in would be the woman who was in front of us. I wasn’t surprised and understood since it was the last day but it was handled poorly by the employee. Curls was crushed as all she wanted was a baby brussel sprout but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

We picked up Shake Shack before heading over to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch the Tom Hanks’ film Big. I have wanted to attend Cinespia for years. When I got the email for the 30th anniversary screening of Big I jumped at the chance. And it did not disappoint:



The rainbow and palm trees just fill my heart up



Finding his best light

Now bring on the pumpkins, the Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack, and all the scary movies!

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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7.8 Miles

While her brother and dad were up in the mountains snowboarding, Curls and I kicked off weekend one of our back to back girls’ weekends. We had planned a day in LA so when we found out that the March for Our Lives was going to be the same day, we knew we had to be there.

With our posters made and snacks in a backpack, we rode the train from Fullerton to Union Station. We met fellow marchers and even had other train passengers tell us good luck and thank you. The other marchers we met were high school students and a teacher. My anxiety did try to take over (I was almost hysterical and my voice hit window breaking pitch) when I realized I had bought Metro Link tickets and I tried to ask an Amtrak employee what to do. In a not very nice tone she told me to just get on the train and somebody would help me. They did but I was still beating myself up over the mistake the next day (but seriously, am I the only person who gets confused when it comes to Amtrak/Metro link?).

When we got to the March and we were surrounded by everyone who believed in the cause, it was inspiring, powerful, and emotional. Curls didn’t really understand the significance of the March while we were waiting for it to begin and I could feel myself getting frustrated. I then took a deep breath, reminded myself that she is a kid, and tried to clear out the negative to focus on the positive. Seeing all the March volunteers in their “We Can End Gun Violence” t-shirts and florescent netted vests, an abundance of police officers, and helicopters hovering overhead, I was reminded once again why I love California. From the “Hollywood Liberal Elite”, to sanctuary cities, to organized marches where 99% of the people are on their best behavior, there is a feeling of everyone looking out for each other as opposed to every man for himself. I left the March believing there is good in the world and it will survive all the hate that is thrown at it.

After the March Curls and I walked to one of our favorite spots, The Last Bookstore. The intoxicating smell of books, the kind employees, the second floor where small businesses sell art, and the young adult and comic book section are all parts of the sum of why we love this fantastic seller of books.

Our next stop was Little Tokyo. When Curls was much smaller we were able to attend Hello Kitty Con and we were both in heaven. So our main stop was the Sanrio store. She squealed over Gudetama the Lazy Egg and all of Hello Kitty’s friends. And since she won’t go anywhere near the Easter Bunny in the mall (I can’t blame her-have you seen them these days??), I was thrilled that she wanted to take a picture with My Little Melody:

March pics 19

Way cuter than the Easter Bunny, don’t you think?

We left with a bag of stuff we didn’t need but Curls and my inner 8 year old were giddy.

Our last stop of the day was The Broad. We admired the artwork of Takashi Murakami and others before we finally realized we were starving and tired (the smell of the street corner carts cooking sausages followed us throughout the day).

After Google Maps led us on a wild goose chase back to Union Station (my sense of direction is for crap), Curls not believing me that all the tents on the streets were homeless camps (still working on her acknowledging her privilege), and we almost missed our train, we breathed a sigh of relief when the train started moving back home.

March pics 13

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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Mecum Auto Auction

On a Saturday afternoon in February, my family and I attended the 2018 Los Angeles Mecum Auto Auction. Winter had finally arrived in California and walking around the Pomona Fairplex outside meant us clutching our jackets and wishing we had brought beanies. It was a beautiful day. Bright and shiny cars lined up to be led into the halls to be auctioned off. My husband checked out some of the cars before we went in while I fawned over the colors of the automobiles.

Once we were inside we could hear the auctioneer doing his best for the sellers while entertaining the crowds. It was $200 to have priority seating and the ability to bid.


We walked around the television cameras that were broadcasting on several channels, checked out the merchandise with the Mecum logo on it, ate Pink’s hot dogs for lunch, and had Old Thyme ice creams for dessert.


We went back outside to check out the drifting rides Dodge was giving to the willing. Curls opted out while hubby, Red, and I laughed throughout the all too brief skid around the track.


There were many cars that we admired and debated, even if we didn’t bid:





I never cared much about cars before I met my love but now watching and attending auto auctions feels like home. Don’t ask me what the make and model of a car is as I will just tell you how I want the colors to be made into a nail polish collection. The future holds an old retired married couple riding down the strip of Palm Springs in a fully restored car of hubby’s choosing. I will be sure to have my hair wrapped in a chiffon scarf (Marilyn Monroe style of course) and my eyes adorned with cat eye glasses while hubby will be rocking his golfer polo and hat.

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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You Don’t Want to Follow Me

I am on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I probably am on each of these social mediums at least 5 times/day. I like to post on Facebook and Instagram but Twitter makes me question every word I type. But that’s not the point. The point I want to make is this: You don’t want to follow or friend me on any of these. Unless you support the rights of all people, you like movies and dogs, and you want to read about the struggles of somebody with anxiety and depression.  You’ve been warned.

Take my politics for example. I support LGBTQIA rights, Black Lives Matter, and Planned Parenthood. I live by the Golden Rule: Do onto others as you would have done to you. Gross, right? I mean, are people really kind to one another these days? Do you smile at strangers when you are in public? I do. Lame sauce. I think as a rule if your life is working for you but it wouldn’t necessarily work for me, THAT’S OKAY. If I see somebody being wronged, I try and help. How nosy am I? As such, I share posts from time to time that will put a spotlight on people who are being oppressed. If you don’t want to be offended, make sure to keep it moving.

I also love movies and pop culture in general. I see every movie I can when they are in theaters, I binge watch Netflix shows, and I watch shows that are just trailers. I read movie reviews and make my choices based on some of them. If Entertainment Weekly says I need to read a book or that it is being made into a show or movie, I am most likely going to read it. If I find something to be good, I like to recommend it. Who needs somebody telling you to read or watch something that might be of enjoyment to you? So annoying.

Another thing: I love my kids and like to take pictures of them. They are smart, funny, and open. I brag about them and often. I revel in their love and accomplishments every single day. It really is obnoxious how much I like being around them, considering I wasn’t sure I wanted kids in my early 20s. Even if you’re a parent and can relate, my posts can be downright irritating. Nobody got time for that.

I am a California girl and you will know it if you follow me. Even worse, I live in Southern California, land of Los Angeles, Disneyland, beautiful mountains, beaches, and deserts. My family likes to go to all of them. We might as well be the effing poster family for California travel. Sunny weather and acting like tourists give us life. Ugh, ugh, and more ugh.

I am here for all the animals. I share dogs that need rescuing, missing kitties, goat videos, even birds getting down with their bad selves. I am one of those damaged people that likes animals over people on any day that ends in Y. My idea of heaven is winning the lotto and saving furry critters to my heart content. So if you aren’t down with furry babies, you probably don’t want to recognize my internet presence.

I have saved the worst for last (if you have even gotten this far). I have decided that I am not going to let my mental health problems such as anxiety and depression hold me back any longer. Happiness is within reach and I mean to grab it. The more I talk about it, the more real it feels. But it isn’t always unicorns and rainbows, even with my medication. I have bad days and am honest about it. So if you’re looking for perfection, this sure as hell isn’t it.

So that’s my deal. I’m a sometimes sad tree hugger who loves pop culture, Cali, doggos, and my kiddos. And if that sentence bothers you (which of course it does), you probably don’t want to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Peace.

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That Time of Year


Summer countdown


I am equal parts terrified and excited that we have 13 days of school left until summer. Sleeping in, no schedule, and no homework sounds perfect. Kids fighting, not so much. So for our sixth year in a row, the Wilson Summer Bucket List will be taken out of the hall closet. You can read about our previous years here and here. Last year we were lucky enough to take our first family vacation to Austin, TX. This year we will be having a staycation. But since we live in awesome California, we have plenty of places to visit, stuff to do, and food to eat. Below is a list for the summer, where we always leave room for the unexpected:


Knotts Berry Farm-our budget Disneyland. We don’t have Mickey or Minnie but we have Charlie Brown, and isn’t he cuter anyways? I wrote a long time ago about why we love Knott’s so much.

Waterpark-we have one less than 10 minutes from our house and Knott’s has its own Soak City right across the street from the park.

Beach-I mentioned awesome California, right?

Ice Cream for Dinner-Scarlet has already asked if we can do this more than once.

80s Movie Education-Last summer we did The Last Starfighter. At Christmas we watched Gremlins. On the schedule this year: WarGames and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Museum-We love The Broad and LACMA.

Rollerskating-The kids skate for free and they each have their own skates. Enough said.


Read, Read, Read


Hiking-no Joshua Tree during the summer but here is a list of places that we are considering.

Universal Studios-Harry Potter Wizarding World for us Potterheads.

OC Fair-$12 beers, corn on the cob, 80s bands trying to make a comeback, and an ocean breeze.

Angels Game-my little ball player is excited for his first professional baseball game.

Impeachment March-Fingers crossed we won’t have to do this because the impeachment will have ALREADY HAPPENED.

2017 Summer Bucket List

What do you have planned for this summer?