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Breathe, Smile, Repeat

Focusing on the positive and what lays ahead is an exercise I use to keep out the negativity and dark voices. In the Spring my daughter Curls and I are taking a jet plane to New York City. Back in October I scored two tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway… Continue reading Breathe, Smile, Repeat

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Friday Favorites

This week I have a longer list than normal of things that make me happy. Nothing to complain about here: Alex Inc.: A dramedy starring Zach Braff as a man coming upon his 40s who decides to start his own podcast company, putting his family and their stability at risk. Braff is all charisma, the… Continue reading Friday Favorites

Word Therapy

Does My Anxiety Make Me Type A or Does My Type A Personality Give Me Anxiety?

Happy New Year! (2 weeks late, I know I know) Instead of making New Year's resolutions this year, I have made a to do list. As a Monica-from-Friends Type A personality, I love checklists and making my little checks, stars, or cross outs once I have completed a task, no matter how small. Instead of… Continue reading Does My Anxiety Make Me Type A or Does My Type A Personality Give Me Anxiety?

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Friday Favorites: We Survived 2017

The older I get, the more the cliché rings true: Time flies. For once, I am glad 2017 flew by. There is the government and its unending mission to destroy those who need help, numerous personal life changes, and my kids refuse to stop growing no matter what I say. I am grateful, lucky, and… Continue reading Friday Favorites: We Survived 2017

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Can You Tell I Don’t Know the Words?

I hurried up to the line to get in, feeling the vibration of the music playing.  I got behind two boys who looked a couple of years older than me and hoped they wouldn’t turn around to look at my family.  Dad came up a moment later and gruffly said, “Stay here.”  I nodded and… Continue reading Can You Tell I Don’t Know the Words?

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Friday Favorites: A tv show, a song, and a movie walk into a bar

Christmas is just around the corner, my kids will be out of school for 19 DAYS for the break, and the country is still going to hell in a hand basket.  So I need some happy things.  Next week I will be posting about one of my favorite concerts ever and my top movies, books,… Continue reading Friday Favorites: A tv show, a song, and a movie walk into a bar

Pop Culture

Friday Film: Mudbound

Experiencing other people’s lives and seeing what they go through is essential to growing as a person and having empathy.  Watching movies is one way to do this.  Film is a reflection of our society, whether you are watching a documentary about the The White Helmets or watching a film based on historical events.  So when I… Continue reading Friday Film: Mudbound