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Summer Recap

On Monday, August 13, 2018, I will have a fourth and sixth grader. Summer will continue to make us sweat buckets, visit Soak City, and eat all the ice cream. But our Summer Bucket List has been completed and there were many lessons learned during #WilsonSummer2018. Curls and Red started summer camp for the first time this year and it is the GREATEST. A side lesson from that is I now know that it is practically impossible to write when the kids are home (for me at least-props to writers that can do that!). And I will never ever regret doing anything and everything with my kids (and be incredibly grateful that I can):

Father of the Bride (1950) in the park


Red went on his first plane ride this summer and he was a PRO


His name is Filson and he is just another example of why dogs are the greatest and we will never be good enough for them.  We exchanged addresses in Seattle and will become life long paw pals. 


Little Lending Libraries remind me of the good in the world


My crowning achievement as a mother will be that I raised readers (even on vacation)

This was the first summer my anxiety didn’t take over any time Curls and Red were near water.   Two thumbs up.   

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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Art is a Sport, Right?

What sport do you play?”, the receptionist asks Red while his sister and I make her a follow up appointment at the dentist. He looks up from his homework, gives her a big smile, and answers, “I don’t play sports, but I do something. What do I do Mom?” I look at the lady and say politely, “He is a theater kid. Right now he is doing comedy improv.”

My kids have done sports. Curls played soccer and basketball and pretty much hated it. Red has done basketball and baseball. Learning how to be a team player and being active are awesome results of playing sports. And if either of my kids asks in the future to play soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc., I will be more than happy to sign them up. But I really hate when somebody assumes that because I have a boy, he automatically plays sports. My crazy ass mind is screaming, “CAN WE PLEASE NOT GIVE INTO GENDER STEREOTYPES?!” On the outside I play nice and just smile.

Our family of four likes to go on weekend bike rides. The kids like to play at the park. We go to the movies, the swap meet, and to see musicals . Last week the kids and I went to see Lisa Congdon’s exhibit as the 2018 artist in residence at Fullerton College.

First we took in all of the whimsical collection (The colors! The messages of empowerment! The nostalgia!)

Curl’s favorites

Red’s favorites

My favorite and who can blame me?


Pictures and clothes

Silly goofballs


I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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In the summer of 2001, my then boyfriend (now my husband) and I moved into our first apartment together. It was a two bedroom one bath on the second floor of the King of Spain apartments. It smelled like the paint that was done back in the 70s, had threadbare carpet, and a staircase that was dark and ice cold. It had a wall unit for air that was useless when the sun poured in through the balcony window in the afternoon. It was next to a fire station which came in handy when we tried to barbecue on said balcony. We could walk to Benihana’s on Ball Road for dinner and sake. It was perfect.

15 months later we bought our first home, a condo directly behind Disneyland. We got engaged, got married, and found out we were expecting our first child while living there. We spent a lot of time at Disneyland with our premium passes that we got for a mere $200 a piece. Our favorite Italian restaurant was Rufino’s. The owners were the nicest and served the best bread with vinegar and oil. A little further down the street was Casa Gamino, a Mexican restaurant with scrumptious red enchiladas and a reasonably priced buffet.

Anaheim is a neighboring city to Fullerton and has more to offer than just Disneyland. Last week the kids and I went to Boysen Park, aka “Airplane Park”. Curls and Red were in heaven.



After we left the park we met their dad at the Northgate Gonzalez Market. This is the Mecca of grocery stores if you are a Mexican food loving gal like me:

We like the sweets…


Agua Frescas


Red trying to decide




We will be back



I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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There were many a Saturday morning during my childhood where I would wake to the sweet smell of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with frosting (if I was lucky I would get the packet with the leftover goodness). Then my mom would take my sister and I to the nearby town of Colton to visit the auction, aka the swap meet. We would get treats to eat and I would always leave with something Betty Boop or Gumby and Pokey.

This past Sunday Hubby and I took Curls and Red to the Orange County swap meet. It is located near the beach and this particular winter day it was in the mid 80s. We walked around for maybe 30 minutes before the fairground food smells lured us to their dungeon. And as always it was to the Mexican food:

Is there any better reason to live in California than tacos?


Red eating a jalapeno in 5 parts


Makes the smart choice and switches to nachos


I love this person the most


Fun with mirrors

Getting the lay of the land

My kids asking for everything at the Swap Meet

Novelty cards from the 80s (no kids were harmed by eating the 30 year old gum)


Kona Ice and Brain Freeze


Swap Meet Offerings


Smiles and parkour


I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!

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Friday Favorite: Fullerton in Photos

There is something about living in a place where you feel content and at peace. That place for me is Fullerton. The diversity of people, architecture, and entertainment are all front and center in this small town in the OC. I am Dorothy and Fullerton is my Kansas (no ruby shoes required).

There are the amazing houses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Fox Theatre was built in 1925. One of my favorite memories with my husband is watching The Beatles’ A Hard Days Night in the parking lot of the Fox on a summer night. Restoration has been going on for years and I truly hope it gets finished so my kids may enjoy it.

Local businesses:

Angelo’s & Vinci’s Ristorante

Angelo and Vincis

McClain’s Coffeehouse

Coffee Shop

Carl’s Liquor (Don’t ever change Carl)


Mum’s the Word (love, love, love this name for a flower shop!)

Mums the Word

And my go to, the OG of fast food that has never let me down, and now I can walk to it…

Del Taco.jpg

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!