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61 Hours

As Curls and I drove home early Monday morning from LAX, we talked about our weekend trip to New York City. Our carry ons in the trunk were stuffed with gifts for her brother and dad and souvenirs for ourselves. Her Harry Potter and my Hello Kitty backpack had leftover Takis, chocolate, books, one navy… Continue reading 61 Hours

Mama Adventures

Koala Bear

Wesley Christopher Wilson. Your name sounds and reads so formal. But you, my sweet love, are pure silly. You are seven today and even though you have grown in so many ways, you are still the funny, outgoing, and affectionate boy you have been since day one. I hate the term “mama's boy” and never… Continue reading Koala Bear

Mama Adventures

Number 9

Today you are nine. Halfway to being an adult. You are already starting to show signs of the impending preteen years: A messy room, emotional outbursts, wanting privacy, and asking for a phone. Other days you want to sleep next to me because you don't feel well. You hold my hand while we are out… Continue reading Number 9

Mama Adventures


Anybody who knows you is aware of your endless energy (Ha! Understatement of the year). But when I think of you, I remember how you wake up in the morning. You live in a house with three non-morning people. Dad doesn't like to wake up. Sissy gives you the death stare every time you say… Continue reading Sunshine

Mama Adventures

Life Jacket

Last Saturday we took your brother and you to Soak City and Knotts Berry Farm as a last hurrah before school started up again. As your Dad and Wesley jetted off to Banzai Falls to race down the slides, you told me you wanted to go into Tidal Wave Bay. Tidal Wave Bay is your… Continue reading Life Jacket

Mama Adventures


     As I drove the back road to Curls and Red's school, the inside of the car was quiet other than an alternative band singing their newest single. Red sat in the backseat directly behind me. After a few minutes of silence I asked him, “Everything okay, Buddy?” He said evenly, “Yep.” I stopped… Continue reading Penisgate

Mama Adventures

Team Wesley

Oh, My Wesley. My energizer bunny, my clock that never stops ticking. You are “on” all day long and the Wesley Show is a traveling one. You make everybody laugh wherever we go because your lack of inhibition makes you an adorable goofball. I am still learning how to handle you, even as you enter… Continue reading Team Wesley