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Birthday Weekend Snaps

As much as I love going to places like New York City and LA, I have learned to appreciate hanging out around home even more. So for my birthday that is what we did: We started Saturday with a trip to our favorite park: Could this pic be any more California? I know I am… Continue reading Birthday Weekend Snaps

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Art is a Sport, Right?

β€œWhat sport do you play?”, the receptionist asks Red while his sister and I make her a follow up appointment at the dentist. He looks up from his homework, gives her a big smile, and answers, β€œI don't play sports, but I do something. What do I do Mom?” I look at the lady and… Continue reading Art is a Sport, Right?

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Rainy Days

I am obsessed with weather. Weather reports (sorry Fritz Coleman, super tan Dallas Raines for life) are my favorite part of the news, even before the Trump administration. Since most of California's days are filled with sunshine, when we get rain it's like a holiday. I propose rain days for us West Coasters like the… Continue reading Rainy Days

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Luzia: I Really Need to Do Yoga More

If Mecum Auto Auction in Pomona was my Valentine's Day present to hubby, Cirque du Soleil's show Luzia was mine. I love chocolate, flowers, and jewelry but having new experiences with my family is my favorite thing of all. Luzia wowed us all. Luzia's stage was a circle of marigolds, a prominent flower of Mexico.… Continue reading Luzia: I Really Need to Do Yoga More

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Mecum Auto Auction

On a Saturday afternoon in February, my family and I attended the 2018 Los Angeles Mecum Auto Auction. Winter had finally arrived in California and walking around the Pomona Fairplex outside meant us clutching our jackets and wishing we had brought beanies. It was a beautiful day. Bright and shiny cars lined up to be… Continue reading Mecum Auto Auction

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Birthday Boy

You hopped unseen through the grass when we came to pick you up. We could see the rustle of the blades with your movement and a blur of black and white. When you landed at the destination of our feet I smiled through tears. Your tiny three pound body showcased the heart on your booty,… Continue reading Birthday Boy

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You’re Alright Charlie Brown, Part II

Disneyland announced this week that they are raising their prices again. And as much as my kids and I love the big mouse, one trip a year is about all we can do. But now that we are full fledged OC residents, we get to take even more advantage of our Knotts Berry Farm passes.… Continue reading You’re Alright Charlie Brown, Part II