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Birthday Weekend Snaps

As much as I love going to places like New York City and LA, I have learned to appreciate hanging out around home even more. So for my birthday that is what we did: We started Saturday with a trip to our favorite park: Could this pic be any more California? I know I am… Continue reading Birthday Weekend Snaps

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Friday Favorites

I stopped doing Friday Favorites a while back because the posts didn't get much love and it is basically me being that annoying person at a party telling you what Netflix show you should watch (Santa Clarita Diet if you were wondering). But since it's my birthday week I am going to tell you what… Continue reading Friday Favorites

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Happy Mindfulness

Today I turn 43. Not a special birthday. A day where I think about all that has happened since the last April 12th and the changes my family and I have been through. So much changed for the better in this last year. We are back at home, I can say with confidence that I… Continue reading Happy Mindfulness

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61 Hours

As Curls and I drove home early Monday morning from LAX, we talked about our weekend trip to New York City. Our carry ons in the trunk were stuffed with gifts for her brother and dad and souvenirs for ourselves. Her Harry Potter and my Hello Kitty backpack had leftover Takis, chocolate, books, one navy… Continue reading 61 Hours

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7.8 Miles

While her brother and dad were up in the mountains snowboarding, Curls and I kicked off weekend one of our back to back girls' weekends. We had planned a day in LA so when we found out that the March for Our Lives was going to be the same day, we knew we had to… Continue reading 7.8 Miles

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Art is a Sport, Right?

β€œWhat sport do you play?”, the receptionist asks Red while his sister and I make her a follow up appointment at the dentist. He looks up from his homework, gives her a big smile, and answers, β€œI don't play sports, but I do something. What do I do Mom?” I look at the lady and… Continue reading Art is a Sport, Right?

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This is What Anxiety Looks Like

I pull into the parking lot of the beach. I try not to stare out at the waves crashing to the shore with speed. After I turn off the car I turn around to look at my girl in her car seat. Her dark blonde hair is just now starting to grow into wispy curls… Continue reading This is What Anxiety Looks Like