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Love Song

You love music. You have introduced me to so much with your eclectic taste that ranges from NOFX to Leon Bridges to Kaiser Chiefs. For our 20 years together as a couple I made you a playlist of the songs that will always remind me of the great times we’ve had.


Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

We had been dating barely two months when you went as my date to my sister’s wedding. I watched you sit in the front pew, patiently waiting for me as I stood as maid of honor. You politely nodded when you were asked when we were going to get married by nosey ass relatives. And when you took me out on the dance floor and Van Morrison came on, you sang “Green Eyed Girl” to me. Damn if I didn’t have to catch my breath when you did that.


Here with Me” by Dido

One night early on in our relationship we were hanging out at yours and Charles’ apartment in Whittier. I remember the living room being dark and us laughing about the burnt mark on the bookcase because Charles had lit a candle on the second shelf. You told me you wanted to play me a song. You put the CD in the CD player (it was 1999 after all). As soon as the first notes of “Here with Me” started to play, my heart started racing and my hands shook. I had heard this song before. In fact, I had become obsessed with it because it had such an urgent sense of need and romance in it. I’m pretty sure I would have floated off the carpet if it was possible or even had stars in my eyes like in an old episode of The Monkees.


Better Together” by Jack Johnson

We got engaged in July of 2005. I was so excited for us to get married that I went into full planning mode. Movie themed, candy bar, premiere invites in place of wedding invitations, gold and silver colors, and a Sour Patch martini for our signature drink. You said yes to it all. And when it came time to pick out our first dance song, we both knew it would be “Push” by Sarah McLachlan. But the song that makes me cry every time I hear it is the song you chose to play after we said our I dos. I felt so loved and special because you picked that song.


Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

I grew up having dinner with my family every night. I love that we have continued that with our family. But you have taken it one step further by adding a soundtrack. You have introduced the kids and I to Leon Bridges, The Flaming Lips, Kaiser Chiefs, and my new obsession, NPR’s Tiny Desk Series via YouTube. I feel this all began when you played “Bad Girls”. None of us could sit still when she started singing in the desert of Ouarzazate, Morocco. I started seat dancing, Wesley jumped out of his chair, and Scarlet even lit up.

Foster the People

I thank every day you’re in my life my love. You have brought music to our lives and my heart. Happy Anniversary Baby. I love you.


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