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Summer Vacation

Operation make the kids so tired they can’t fight (aka, summer break) hit the ground running this past weekend. Saturday we saw Solo (don’t listen to the haters, it was great) and Sunday we spent the day in LA with friends.

First stop was Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for breakfast:

Goodies for daaaaayyzzz

Yes, I took pictures of the bathroom-I live for subway and honeycomb tiles and pink lighting


Next was the Japanese American National Museum:


Hapa Exhibit-Eye Opening and Beautiful

Hello Kitty apples tall


Across the street from the museum is Little Tokyo:

Sanrio Store

Retsuko is a red panda who is an accountant in Japan during the day. At night he turns into Aggretsuko where he sings death metal at a karaoke bar. He is not happy with life but comes alive at night when he can vent his frustrations.


The boys’ album cover


LA and its Art:




My ever patient husband didn’t complain when I dragged him and the kids to the Paley Center for Media all the way in Beverly Hills before we went home:

The Crown exhibit where this fashion and royalty lovin’ nerd cried

I Love Lucy


Curls loves the Muppets (and honestly, who doesn’t?)


Lastly because I love this pic my hubby took at the Paley Center and it reminds me of this:

You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have absolutely…Been found wanting. Welcome to New World. God save you, if it is right that He should do so.”-A Knight’s Tale

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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