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LA Times of Festival of Books

Tamale. Salsa. Music. Books. Festivals are abound. California provides an excess of outdoor events to enjoy the year round summer like conditions that we are lucky enough to have. Farmers Markets, Art Walks, and outdoor malls like LA’s The Grove or Newport Beach’s Fashion Island are all destinations that attract tourists and residents. This past weekend my family and I attended the LA Times Festival of Books at USC.

Curls couldn’t run fast enough to the bookstore on campus. When I complained to my husband his response was, “If our daughter wants to explore a college bookstore, we are damn well going to let her.” WELL PLAYED SIR:


Right outside the bookstore was a Sprinkles cupcake ATM:

Find somebody that humors you the way my man does:


Trees are Awesome:


Around campus:

After the book festival we tried to walk to the California Science Center (which is across the street from USC) but when it’s 90 degrees and you’ve been walking around for two hours, you get halfway, take a few pictures, and save it for another day:

Magnolia Bakery was our next stop once we got back to the car. Curls and I discovered Magnolia in New York and we were stoked when we found one in LA. It was fantastic:

Yes I am eating a cupcake:


No you can’t have a bite:


My next kitchen aesthetic:


I mean, COME ON:


Global Angel Wings by Colette Miller:

Mom, take our picture on this really high ledge we are going to climb up on and give you a heart attack:


Hold tight to your loves:


I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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