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Friday Favorites

I stopped doing Friday Favorites a while back because the posts didn’t get much love and it is basically me being that annoying person at a party telling you what Netflix show you should watch (Santa Clarita Diet if you were wondering). But since it’s my birthday week I am going to tell you what movie I just saw in the theater and can’t stop gushing about it, what new album I am listening to so much I am annoying the hell out of my kids (an added bonus), and what television show still blows my mind.

Last weekend the family and I went to see Ready Player One and Isle of Dogs. I was excited but weary of Ready Player One as I loved the book and didn’t think they could do all the things I wanted them to. I was right and didn’t love the film. Then there is Isle of Dogs. I have been wanting to buy my ticket for this Wes Anderson flick since I saw the poster last July. Anderson has a formula to his movies but they always feel fresh. After seeing Isle of Dogs I can say that it and Moonrise Kingdom are my two favorites. They both have an innocence and magic to them but are still based in reality. Five days later and I am listening to the soundtrack which is all instrumental just so I can be taken back to the story. And if I could request that they start making merchandise based on his films I would like a collection of stuffed animals based on all the dogs from Isle of Dogs and the books in Moonrise Kingdom.

A lot of Busy Phillips’ Instagram consist of the music she is currently listening to. It is a lot of indy music and for the most part not my taste. But last week she started raving about Kacey Musgraves’ new album, Golden Hour. I listened to a lot of music. Our neighbors must think we are nuts because on any given day we could be playing Broadway show tunes, alternative music, rap, Bob Marley, or The Beatles. But country is not on heavy rotation. I love the Dixie Chicks and old school country like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. But I decided to give Kacey a shot. And I am infatuated. I have listened to it so much in the past 10 days that I am afraid I will get tired of it too quickly. My favorite single is even “Velvet Elvis”, the most country song on the whole record. She has an amazing voice and each tune is catchy.

I talked about Legion last year. It is the FX show about David Haller (Dan Stevens), the most powerful mutant in the Marvel X-Men world. He and his fellow mutants are on a mission to take down the Shadow King (if I try to explain more I might get confused). The first season was a work of art and a story that wasn’t meant to be understood but experienced. The new season has given us two episodes so far and the plot is a little more streamlined. But this is not a show where you watch it with one eye on your phone and one eye on the television. Clues are in the most miniscule of details, like David’s love Syd glitching while he speaks to her in the future. To fully enjoy Legion I put my phone away, make sure the kids are in bed, and only get up from the couch during commercial breaks. Ana Lily Amirpour directed the second episode and I fangirled so hard when I found out. She directed one of my all time favorite horror films, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. I am fully invested in all the characters and Aubrey Plaza continues to kill it as Lenny.

Now go watch the movie, listen to the music, and watch the show and report back!

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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