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Art is a Sport, Right?

What sport do you play?”, the receptionist asks Red while his sister and I make her a follow up appointment at the dentist. He looks up from his homework, gives her a big smile, and answers, “I don’t play sports, but I do something. What do I do Mom?” I look at the lady and say politely, “He is a theater kid. Right now he is doing comedy improv.”

My kids have done sports. Curls played soccer and basketball and pretty much hated it. Red has done basketball and baseball. Learning how to be a team player and being active are awesome results of playing sports. And if either of my kids asks in the future to play soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc., I will be more than happy to sign them up. But I really hate when somebody assumes that because I have a boy, he automatically plays sports. My crazy ass mind is screaming, “CAN WE PLEASE NOT GIVE INTO GENDER STEREOTYPES?!” On the outside I play nice and just smile.

Our family of four likes to go on weekend bike rides. The kids like to play at the park. We go to the movies, the swap meet, and to see musicals . Last week the kids and I went to see Lisa Congdon’s exhibit as the 2018 artist in residence at Fullerton College.

First we took in all of the whimsical collection (The colors! The messages of empowerment! The nostalgia!)

Curl’s favorites

Red’s favorites

My favorite and who can blame me?


Pictures and clothes

Silly goofballs


I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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