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Mecum Auto Auction

On a Saturday afternoon in February, my family and I attended the 2018 Los Angeles Mecum Auto Auction. Winter had finally arrived in California and walking around the Pomona Fairplex outside meant us clutching our jackets and wishing we had brought beanies. It was a beautiful day. Bright and shiny cars lined up to be led into the halls to be auctioned off. My husband checked out some of the cars before we went in while I fawned over the colors of the automobiles.

Once we were inside we could hear the auctioneer doing his best for the sellers while entertaining the crowds. It was $200 to have priority seating and the ability to bid.


We walked around the television cameras that were broadcasting on several channels, checked out the merchandise with the Mecum logo on it, ate Pink’s hot dogs for lunch, and had Old Thyme ice creams for dessert.


We went back outside to check out the drifting rides Dodge was giving to the willing. Curls opted out while hubby, Red, and I laughed throughout the all too brief skid around the track.


There were many cars that we admired and debated, even if we didn’t bid:





I never cared much about cars before I met my love but now watching and attending auto auctions feels like home. Don’t ask me what the make and model of a car is as I will just tell you how I want the colors to be made into a nail polish collection. The future holds an old retired married couple riding down the strip of Palm Springs in a fully restored car of hubby’s choosing. I will be sure to have my hair wrapped in a chiffon scarf (Marilyn Monroe style of course) and my eyes adorned with cat eye glasses while hubby will be rocking his golfer polo and hat.

I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


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