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Birthday Boy

You hopped unseen through the grass when we came to pick you up. We could see the rustle of the blades with your movement and a blur of black and white. When you landed at the destination of our feet I smiled through tears. Your tiny three pound body showcased the heart on your booty, which was the sign I needed when we picked you six weeks before.

We brought you home and put you in a giant crate to separate you from your sister, Casey the Lab. You cried until we let you out. You sniffed Casey, she sniffed you, and that was the end of it. She potty trained you after many months of destroyed pee pee pads. She let you boss her around. You were great snuggle buddies. When you chewed through the carpet, Casey didn’t rat you out. When you chewed through the carpet pad down to the concrete, she kept quiet. You finally stopped when we gave you tennis balls to chase. You play with them to this day.

When your first human sibling arrived, you sat in front of her bouncer and stood guard. You were equally protective when her brother came home.

You poop when you’re nervous, which basically means you smell up the vet’s waiting room at every visit. You like to dig into purses if you can smell goodies, like the Chicken McNuggets out of your grandma’s handbag or the chocolate she bought for your human siblings (and then refuse to throw up).


When your sister Casey passed away we knew you would need a new companion. We took you to the animal shelter so we could introduce you to one. As soon as Duke Nutella came into the greeting area you pushed a tennis ball to him with your nose. You were unfazed when he barked at you.

These days the world is your ice cream where you lick anything and everything. You like your almost daily walks even if curbs are an obstacle. You follow Duke everywhere he goes. He has unwillingly become your seeing eye dog as you have cataracts. You still like to snuggle, the perfect Oreo spoon.

You bark at random with short and loud yaps as if to say, “I’m still here world and I am not going anywhere!(Also “Get off my lawn!”)” You are absolutely right Boopers, Boop-A-Doop, Oscar Bugs, and Oscar Meyer Wiener. Happy 15th birthday Old Man.


I hope you find passion and happiness this weekend!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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