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Best Laid Plans

10 years ago this summer, I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest and riding shotgun in my 2001 Dodge Durango. I was holding my stomach with one hand and the other onto the oh shit bar above the passenger window. Hubby and I were were up in the mountains trying to find a watering hole with our nephews. But even in an SUV, driving the unpaved roads was treacherous. I held my breath a few times, fearful that we were going to tip sideways. After a while hubby gave up and we ended up at Lake Gregory. Fast forward to this July and we tried to find Aztec Falls again with our seven and nine year old. This time we were in our Kia Soul and it went as well as you would expect. We did a lot of driving in reverse and received some dirty looks from dune buggy drivers. We gave up a little sooner this round, for the safety of the four of us and our little car. Then we took the kids back to the same lake we went to a decade ago.

Lake Gregory is located in Crestline, California. It is surrounded by pine trees, has inflatable water slides, and sandy beaches. After we pulled into the parking lot and I dry heaved from car sickness, we paid $40 for the four of us to get in for the last two hours of the day. But there was water and the kids made a strong case (i.e., whined) until we walked in.

The kids eventually agreed to go into the water after 10 minutes of screaming, “The fish are touching me!” Scarlet swam back and forth to the buoy, making me breathe a sigh of relief that the swim lessons she had in June were worth it. Wesley wore a life jacket and swam a little bit but was more interested in digging holes and trying to look cool.



Their dad played catch with them with a random Lego they found in the water and of course that is what entertained them the most.



We did have lunch at a McDonald’s with the prettiest view, which balanced out the crowds and heat.



The kids are back in school this week but the memories of summer will stick around for a while.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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