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Water Park Fun: Soak City

Sunshine and water are synonymous with California. As much as I love the way the beach looks, sand isn’t my thing. But Southern California doesn’t just have beaches aplenty. There is also a number of water parks at our disposal. There is Raging Waters, Hurricane Harbor, Soak City, and a lot of other smaller parks. As pass holders to Knott’s Berry Farm, my family is able to visit Knott’s water park Soak City from May to September every year. Soak City is 13 acres of wet attractions for every age from Gremmie Lagoon to Tidal Wave Bay.

Soak City 1

Gremmie Lagoon is a play area for the little ones. There is a submarine to be explored, mini slides for the babies, and shallow enough water that parents can breathe a little easier. My kids loved it when they were smaller but now they go to the Beach House. The Beach House is a fun house of bigger and taller slides, water guns to shoot, and a gigantic bucket that dumps itself on fun seekers and unsuspecting victims once it has been filled with water.

Soak City just went through a renovation and opened with new rides for families to have fun together and for those who are a little more daring. The Wedge is a ride where my group of four could ride down on a tube together that wasn’t too fast but enough where we laughed the whole way. It is also my kids’ new favorite ride. Shore Break is a 2 person tube ride where you start off on an enclosed tube and come out halfway through. You then fall down a steep drop (the best part IMO) at the end. Another part of Shore Break are four enclosed tubes where you get in, they close a plastic cover over you, and then you fall to your death (or maybe that’s just what I picture in my head). Hubby was the only one brave enough to try it (that was a hard no from me and the kids) and he said that moment before you fall was definitely terrifying but it was fun (he didn’t change any of our minds). We all love Banzai Falls, a mat race that ensures you will squeal and have water up your nose, no matter who wins.

Staples of our visits to Soak City are Sunset River and Tidal Wave Bay. Sunset River, aka Lazy River, is the one place I could stay the whole time. Give me a tube, put my tush in it, and I am good to go. It is never really overcrowded, the water is always a comfortable temperature and clean, and the kids love it just as much as the adults do. Tidal Wave Bay is a wave pool where the water turns into waves around every 10 minutes. There are 10+ lifeguards at all times here but it still isn’t my favorite part of the park now that my kids insist on not wearing life jackets (which is only required up to 48”).

Soak City

There are food, drinks, and desserts to purchase at the park but we stick to our Knott’s souvenir bottle that we purchase every year with the renewal of passes. It runs us about $35 and we can get drinks all year long without being charged. We don’t eat in the park because there are too many good options available to us once we leave the park that are cheaper and taste much better. And one other thing we don’t take advantage of is their lockers. The cost is enough of a deterrent ($20+ last time I checked).

Knott’s Soak City is a fun, clean, and affordable water park for us to visit during the summer. We try to get there when they first open (or even the hour before when they allow that for pass holders) to get a good row of chairs and not have to wait in long lines for the best rides. We are on year five of having passes and none of us have gotten tired of going so I don’t think this tradition will be stopping any time soon.

Soak City 2

Where do you live? Do you have a water park or beach you love to visit? I want to know!


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