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Friday Favorite (aka Where I blabber about what I love): Cool and Wow television

Since the beginning of the apocalypse on November 9th, life hasn’t been as fun. Christmas didn’t have its usual joy, every day activities like exercising feel like work, and that bubble is still lingering. One of my favorite things to do, watch television, has lost its appeal. Sitcoms aren’t as funny, I can’t bring myself to care about Rick and the gang anymore, one of my favorites broke my heart (I’m looking at you Jane the Virgin), and even Samantha Bee and her rants don’t leave me feeling energized. But over the past few weeks two shows have caught my attention: Planet Earth II and Legion. And with that my first world problems have gotten a little smaller.

I always want to have a show that my family can watch together. But with school, activities, jobs, and electronics, it is practically impossible to sit down and watch a show (we sit down for dinner at least four nights a week and I take that as a win). So when I sat down to watch the first episode of Planet Earth II and the kiddos joined me, I was ecstatic. The first episode focused on islands and its inhabitants. There were 3 toed sloths and penguins. But the best moment was the three of us watching an iguana trying to escape a gang of snakes. We were all on our feet, squealing and jumping up and down, hoping the reptile doesn’t get caught. Every episode is a new location with animals and insects aplenty. It is the best kind of reality show where I can’t stop saying, “That is so cool!”

Legion is a show for my husband and I. The creator is Noah Hawley, who is also behind the FX show Fargo. It is the story of David Haller (Dan Stevens), a man who thinks he has schizophrenia. He finds out that he actually has super powers and might be the most powerful mutant alive. Jean Smart is his therapist. Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller, and Jermaine Clement also make up the cast. I sit and watch but also can’t stop whispering, “Wow!” The show is confusing like Westworld. You don’t know if what you’re watching is David’s reality or his imagination. After a while I stop trying to figure it out and just enjoy the visuals, performances, and the pieces of the puzzle being laid out for us. There is no show to compare it to, which I love. If you are looking for something different and want your mind blown, Legion is the show to watch.

I hope you have a go to list of things that make you happy and you get to enjoy them over the weekend. Thanks for reading!


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