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Friday Favorites (aka Where I blabber about things I love): Good things coming to 2017

Positive, positive, positive. Move towards the good. Have something to look forward to. These all could be my mantras for 2017. I love to make lists of upcoming books, movies, and television shows. Every time I get a calendar of upcoming movies from Entertainment Weekly, it’s always placed on my bulletin board right next to my bed (I know, my husband is a lucky man). The following are a handful I can’t wait for:

Fargo (television show): The first two seasons of this show based on the Coen brothers’ 1996 movie were phenomenal. Season three has Ewan McGregor as twin brothers (be still my heart) with Carrie Coon (The Leftovers), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), and Thomas Mann (Me and the Earl and the Dying Girl) also in the cast. It premieres on FX in the Spring, giving those of you who have been foolish enough to miss the first two time to catch up.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (movie): The sequel to the 2015 hit will be here in May and I am just going to watch the trailer on repeat until then. It’s a trailer that brings all the funny and baby Groot. And you know it will be one of those films where they don’t put all the good parts in the trailers.



A Dog’s Purpose (movie): January is a barren time for good movies (excluding those that are in limited release in December and then go nationwide). Then there is A Dog’s Purpose. Josh Gad is the voice of many dogs in this film about how they impact us humans’ lives. The trailer is emotionally manipulative and I bawl like a baby. Sure, the story won’t be great. But again, DOGS.


Update: I have discovered that Lasse Hallstrom is the director of A Dog’s Purpose.  He also directed Chocolat, which is the last time I liked Johnny Depp.  So there is hope after all…



Star Wars Episode VIII (movie): If you’ve read my blog before, you know that Star Wars made me the pop culture nerd that I am. If this is your first time here, Welcome! Now go watch all the Star Wars movies.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (book): The Divergent series by Roth was one of my favorites when I started the young adult genre. The films unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype but I am still excited for this new series that comes out 1/17.

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices, #2) by Cassandra Clare (book): Cassandra Clare brought us The Mortal Instruments series with spinoffs The Bane Chronicles and The Infernal Devices series. The Dark Artifices is a continuation of The Mortal Instruments. Her books are fantasy with descriptions that I aspire to do as a writer. I become completely engrossed whenever I read one of her novels and can finish an 800+ page book in a week (while negelecting everything else-sorry family). Her newest one comes out in May, giving me about two weeks to read it before the purgatory that is my kids’ summer off from school.

I hope you have a go to list of things that make you happy and you get to enjoy them over the weekend. Thanks for reading!


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