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The Day After

November 9th
The girl hears her mom calling for her to get up. She pulls the pink comforter further over her head. She doesn’t want to go to school. After two more times her mom gives up and finally tells her to get up and make her bed as she has missed breakfast. She takes her time making her bed, stopping halfway to look at her happy board. It hangs on the wall behind her television to the right, next to her bedroom door. It has pictures of her with friends and post its with what makes her happy. The girl jumps when she sees her mom standing in the doorway.
Her brother annoys the girl on the way to school, singing to the radio and swinging his arms. When he accidentally smacks her she gives him a death stare and says, “Do it again and I will hit you with my book.” Her mom tries to touch her hand from the front seat, asking her if she is okay. She yanks her hand back and snaps, “Yes!”
The girl sits in class, listening to her teacher. When the teacher asks a question, the girl looks down. During recess a boy comes up behind her and pinches her shoulder. When the girl whirls around, the boy and his friends laugh. At lunch the girl is sitting with friends. One of them says with a smirk, “At least there won’t be any terrorists coming over here now.” Girl chews her food and doesn’t answer.
She hands her backpack to her mom without a word and gets in the car at pickup. She doesn’t say thank you when her mom changes the radio to her favorite station. She stares out the window and looks out for the “Hillary for Prison” car stickers. It’s not hard to find them. Those drivers are honking their horns in elation. Pickup trucks with large flags (American and one that looks like American but are black, white, and blue) that are waving proudly are also honking.
The girl goes straight to her room when they finally arrive home. She sits at the edge of her bed, staring at her high tops. She doesn’t look up when her mom comes in, gives her a hug, and tells her everything will be okay. The girl doesn’t believe her.
November 9th
The girl can hear her mom in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. She gets up and makes her bed, wanting to surprise her. Her mom smiles when she walks in the kitchen and gives her a good morning hug. She sits down to eat a bowl of cereal and drink her juice. Her brother won’t stop making weird noises but she ignores him.
The girl grins as she puts the new bright pink “future president” notebook in her backpack, excited to use it at school. She sings the words to Hamilton loudly on the way to school. She wiggles in her chair when the teacher announces it is time for math. The girl loves math. She raises her hand to answer questions when her teacher discusses the book they are reading. She plays tag with her friends during recess.
When her mom comes to pick her up she tells her about her day. When she is done she sings to the Xmas music that is playing. At home she gets her homework done so she can play Minecraft. She grumbles under her breath when her mom tells her she is done playing her IPad and that they are having chicken, rice and vegetables for dinner. She asks if she can help make dinner anyways.
Once she is ready for bed the girl opens her book to read. At 8 pm her dad gives her a kiss, tells her good night and that he loves her, and turns off her bedroom light. She says good night and I love you. Five minutes later she turns on the light again, peeks out her door to make sure her parents aren’t around, and climbs back into bed. She reopens her book and falls asleep reading.


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