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Friday Favorites aka Where I blabber about things that I love: Puppies (because I think we can all agree we need them right now)

Dachshunds. Pitbulls. Corgis. Chihuahuas. I love all doggies. They are not dogs. I don’t care how old they are, two months or 14 years. They are puppies, puppers, doggies, or any other ridiculous names I come up with. Put me in a puppy cuddle puddle and I am the happiest person on Earth. And Facebook and Instagram feed my obsession.

I follow 800+ accounts on Instagram and about 75% of them are animals (I counted). One of these accounts is For the Love of Ruby. Ruby is a beautiful pitbull who was born with a severe cleft lip and palate. She lives in Utah with her human mama Jen, who works for the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, and their everchanging group of foster puppies and kitties. Ruby is the sweetest and most gentle girl. Whenever I am having a bad day I go to her Facebook or Instagram page and am gifted with a sweet picture of her with the fosters. She is a mama to the babies just like Jen is to her. The page has educated me not only about pet adoption (#adoptdontshop) but also BSL (breed specific legislation), and how wonderful dogs can be, no matter what type they are. And with all the nasty trolls on social media today, it is a comfort to be on a page that is a community of animal lovers who just shower Ruby with compliments and love.

Roofus and Kilo is another page that brings me joy. These boys are also pitbulls who are defying stereotypes. They are joined by Sweet P (Penny), Moo, Lucky, Bella, and new addition Pearl. Their mama is Candace who also fosters puppies from her farm in Oregon. Daily Instagram stories will include Bella being the fun police, Moo pushing rocks up and down hills and licking them, Lucky eating strawberries, and Kilo doting on foster puppies. These dogs show such love for one another that is hard for me to not go out and adopt 12 more dogs every time I see them.

Other dogs that I love include Nana the Earless Pibble and Maya the Sausage (this family includes two dachshunds and a teeny HEDGEHOG). There is no way to rate their cuteness factor because it is always off the charts. I have been known to coo at their videos to the point where my dog averse daughter will roll her eyes at me.
But I can’t help it. This video shows exactly how I am:

So from now until November 9th I am going to try and stay off toxic comment feeds and revel in the gloriousness that is puppies when I have the time. Even if you don’t have my obsession I dare you to watch one of these videos and not come away smiling.

I hope you have a go to list of things that make you happy and you get to enjoy them over the weekend. Thanks for reading!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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