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Every couple of weeks I go to post a picture or an anecdote regarding my everyday life on Facebook.  I craft a caption for the photo or make sure I haven’t missed any words in my story. I ask myself questions: Am I humble bragging (probably)? Am I sharing a part of my life that will just make my friends uncomfortable? Does anybody really care? Most of the time I post and throw caution to the wind. I try not to check for reactions, the need for validation strong. These Facebook posts are how I feel every time I sit down to write.

I love to write. I don’t think I am good at it but I want to be. The voices in my head tell me I’m too old to be a successful writer or that I am not capable of writing anything meaningful. My happy pills (blog post on that coming later) are helping to keep those thoughts down to a faint whisper. So I am going to write for me first. The following keeps me going:

Song: Move by Saint Motel:

 “Head, shoulders, knees, toes, look alive it’s time to go..”

Movie Trailer: Collateral Beauty

I didn’t even get a buildup for my tears, they were instant.

Binge: Penny Dreadful

This show is perfect to binge as the weather starts to cool down and in preparation for my favorite month of the year: October. It has Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein, vampires, and other monsters I have yet to encounter. I just finished Seance from season 1 and my mouth is still hanging open.

App: Duolingo

I am giving Spanish a second try (first time was in college) and so far I am having fun. Now if I could just roll my Rs without doing this.

These will get me through the week and hopefully those voices will shut the hell up so I can write something that will become something else.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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