Word Therapy

Don’t Read the Damn Comments

I start to read the comments on the latest election news coverage. My eyes glaze over. My heart races. I get shaky. I have to exit out of the dialogue before I respond or start to cry. I'm already angry. And it's not going away any time soon. Ever since the 2000 election I have… Continue reading Don’t Read the Damn Comments

Word Therapy


     She is in a movie theater on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. It is a Thursday night in May, 2001. There are rows and rows of seats with an aisle running down the middle. The rows are separated exactly in half by the patterned carpet. The air conditioning is running, giving her a… Continue reading Romance

Good Things · Word Therapy


Every couple of weeks I go to post a picture or an anecdote regarding my everyday life on Facebook.  I craft a caption for the photo or make sure I haven't missed any words in my story. I ask myself questions: Am I humble bragging (probably)? Am I sharing a part of my life that… Continue reading Happy