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Koala Bear

Wesley Christopher Wilson. Your name sounds and reads so formal. But you, my sweet love, are pure silly. You are seven today and even though you have grown in so many ways, you are still the funny, outgoing, and affectionate boy you have been since day one. I hate the term “mama’s boy” and never thought I would have one. But you are in the best possible ways. You are always ready with a smile, a joke, a hug, or a kiss. You bring light to everybody you come into contact with because of your openness. You bring balance to our family of four every day.

Wesley cheese

You have many sayings in your roster of words and all of them crack me up. “I don’t forget everything, I’m not Dory” + eye roll. “I’m so conscious”-as we drive up the mountains (you meant nauseous). “Mom, if you’re my cousin can I marry you?” And my personal favorite because you say it in a silly voice: “I fart when I’m nervous (insert Beavis and Butthead laugh track).” You are loud, hot tempered, and impatient. But you are also enthusiastic about life and determined when you really want something. You love your sissy so much that it annoys her (don’t worry, she’ll come around). But you are like that with all your relationships. Your friends, teachers, and family all know much you care because you aren’t afraid to show it. That is my favorite part of you.

Wesley selfie

Your obsession with video games has only gotten stronger. You love Link, Mario, Minecraft, Pac-Man, etc., etc. You like to read the books Diary of A Wimpy Kid and The Zombie Chasers. You want everything to do with Five Nights at Freddy’s until you decide it’s too scary and then you want every light in the house on. Your go to movies are Lego Movie and Star Wars. You love to play tetherball and basketball. SpongeBob Squarepants is your new favorite cartoon but you also love Loud House and We Bare Bears.

You have become more adventurous with food this year and I am so excited. You are open to new stuff and even tried seafood. When you see something you haven’t tried before (which is usually on mom or dad’s plate), you ask, “Can I try that?” You have informed me that you are NOT a vegetarian and you like your meat. You love bacon, chicken tacos, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and chicken fingers. You don’t discriminate with sweets, you just want them.

Your best friend is Cyrus. You make friends so easily that I just imagine kids following you around on the black top because you know how to have a good time.

My hope for you this year is that you realize how smart you are and that you can do anything you want to. I hope you get to learn about coding more so you can become that video game creator/video game tester you say you’re going to be. Your light is what this world needs and I hope it just continues to get brighter. And please don’t ever stop giving me your koala bear hugs. We love you Wesley and couldn’t feel luckier to be your mom and dad.

Wesley wizard


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