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Chapter 2

She thinks the world revolves around her and only her,” Tera thinks as she chews her toast and watches Lotto leave the kitchen. “Must be nice to be the center of the universe.” Brushing the crumbs off her hands, Tera throws her napkin in the trash and washes her hands at the kitchen sink. “Can I get you anything Mom, before I finish getting ready for school?”

Tera’s mom smiles and says, “No, honey. Go finish getting ready, I’m fine.” Tera bends down to give her a kiss and says, “Okay.”

Once in the bathroom, Tera turns on the light and looks in the mirror. She likes what she sees. Her nose is her favorite. She has been told numerous times that she has the perfect pert nose. Her teeth are white as can be and her skin is smooth and acne free. She pats her hair down, wondering if she should touch up her roots. Her natural mousey brown hair doesn’t go with her otherwise flawless appearance so she dyes it blonde every three to four weeks. Nah, she is good for another week. She applies her bubble gum pink lipstick that every girl who knows better is wearing at the moment and goes to pick up her bag and jacket.

Bye Mom! See you later and have a good day! Love you!” Tera yells from the front door.

Mom shouts back, “Love you too honey! Good luck on your English test!” Tera frowns and heads out the door, keys in hand.

Tera drops the keys into her classic vintage handbag (her favorite second hand store find) after she locks the front door. She needs to get to school early if she is going to meet Steve. He had told her last night that he wanted to talk to her about something important but it had to be in person. Tera felt giddy just thinking about it. She knew he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. With him being the captain of the basketball team and overall likeable guy, that would secure her position at school. She held her head up high and walked with a model’s swagger as she headed out.

Tera could see Steve even before she stepped on to campus. He is sitting on a three foot brick wall that is surrounded by a bed of flowers, right next to the sign with the school’s name on it. The sign shouted upcoming events such as Prom, Spring Break, and all the events that Tera lived for. She darted in and out of the cars, ignoring horns honking at her to move out of the way.

Steve saw Tera just as she was within a couple of feet of him. He was by himself and looked uncomfortable when she put her hand on him. She let go quickly and stepped back. She put on a happy face and asked, “So what’s up?” Her initial thought of impending coupledom was started to dwindle.  

Steve cleared his throat. “So, um, Tera, I don’t know how to say this other than to just get it over with. I don’t think we should see each other anymore. You’re a great girl but I don’t think we are meant to be.” Steve coughed and stood there, finished. Tera was humiliated and shocked. She knew her recovery time would determine what people thought of her so she breathed slowly through her nose and faked a smirk.

I absolutely agree. I have been getting a little bored anyways. Thanks for doing it first. I didn’t want to hurt you. See you around.” She turned around and walked with assuredness towards her chemistry class. Every step required her concentration, which she was grateful for. She would not cry and let anybody know how much she hurt. Steve would regret today, she would make sure of it. But that would have to wait. Her English test was thankfully at the end of the day and she was going to need that time to study so she could pass.

She entered Mrs. Bo’s class and scanned for her best friend Andi. She was sitting in the back and had a hand on the desk next to hers. When Tera saw her she could tell that Andi already knew. Andi moved her arm and Tera threw her backpack and purse onto the desk. Andi whispered discreetly, “Are you okay?” Tera just shook her head in the negative and that was the end of it. The bell rang and both girls pulled out their notebooks, happy to forget the hell that is high school social life. At least for the time being.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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