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Would you read my first book?

Now that it is 2015, #theyeariturn40, I’m looking ahead and trying to map out what I want to accomplish this year. My story is always a priority in an ideal world. So is getting it published and me becoming a world famous author. But life is really good at getting in the way.

As a stay at home mom, my kids have always come first. Almost eight years later have come and gone. Now I have a kindergartener and second grader with homework and soon, extracurricular activities. My husband is becoming his own boss in a couple of weeks. As he is the money maker, and I his partner, it is my job to take care of our home life. This way he can become the successful business owner I know he is capable of. Throw in life events that nobody can plan for, and that leaves little time for Mom.

Then there is my close personal friend FEAR. Fear prevents me from putting myself out there, makes me think loved ones will leave, and tells me that chasing my dreams will inconvenience my family.

As I stare down my 40s, I have decided to say screw it. My book is still not ready to be sent to a publisher/agent. So instead of trying to sell it for a million dollars, I’m going to try something different. Two weeks from today (January 19th), I am going to start posting chapters of my book, starting with Chapter 1. I will post three chapters a week. If you want to give me your input, great. Tell me it’s amazing, it sucks, or it’s blah. I welcome any feedback. If you want to read and enjoy/be put to sleep without a word, that is fine too. I have been writing on and off for years but I don’t pretend to think I am good. As this is my first attempt at a book, I would much rather hear what you want to read and what you think. If I don’t have readers, what is the point of writing a book?

I hope this is something you would like to participate in. My journey as a writer has been full of starts and stops and I expect this to give it momentum.

Allen Ginsberg


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