Chapter 6

Erin rests her elbows on the counter behind her, looking around Cream. The volume of talking teenagers continues to rise. Plates and silverware are being cleaned in the back of the kitchen, the sound of water splashing and dishes connecting with one another. Waiters and waitresses dodge in and out of the oblivious customers on… Continue reading Chapter 6


Chapter 5

An hour later Lotto shakes her legs out, trying to release the numbness. She finishes the last page of the final magazine, reluctant to let go. She puts her jacket back on and carries the stack back to Shelley. She isn't there so Lotto just leaves them on the counter and turns around to make… Continue reading Chapter 5


Chapter 4

Two days later is Lotto's favorite day of the week. Monday through Friday she is stuck doing homework and following rules set upon by her parents. Saturday she gets to do “family time”. But Sunday is her day of the week, the day where she gets to leave the house and do what she wants.… Continue reading Chapter 4


Chapter 3

Lotto's falling has slowed to floating. She swishes from side to side like a magic carpet ride, the gentleness unnerving her. She doesn't know where she is and her vision is blurry. She can see a pinhole of light with everything else around it being the color of murky, San Franciscan fog. Looking left and… Continue reading Chapter 3


Chapter 2

“She thinks the world revolves around her and only her,” Tera thinks as she chews her toast and watches Lotto leave the kitchen. “Must be nice to be the center of the universe.” Brushing the crumbs off her hands, Tera throws her napkin in the trash and washes her hands at the kitchen sink. “Can… Continue reading Chapter 2


Chapter 1

Darkness. The faint smell of dirt. Lotto tries to take a deep breath, chokes, and coughs on the chalkiness as it coats her tongue. Her eyes aren't adjusting, no matter how much she blinks. Panic descends and her heart starts to race. She stops the deep breaths and tries short ones. She tilts her head… Continue reading Chapter 1

Word Therapy

Age Appropriate

Maybe it is because I am obsessed with #theyeariturn40, or that I am a narcissist, or because I am just plain crazy. But I have started to notice some …..changes. At first I was horrified, but kept telling myself that I can't be alone. So in the interest of solidarity of all aging women, I… Continue reading Age Appropriate