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My Girl

My beautiful Scarlet. I can’t believe today is your seventh birthday. I still remember the first month after you were born and how you cried and screamed pretty much 24/7. I felt hopeless, exhausted, and terrified that I was doing a terrible job as your mother. Seven years later I still have days like that but I do know one thing: You will grow up and be fine.

You are Miss Independent, wanting to do everything yourself. I love the mornings when you wake up and tell me that you have made your bed, cleaned your room, and gotten yourself dressed. Or when I go to check on you and you’re organizing your drawers, folding everything just the way you like it. And even though I cringe when you are pouring your milk for breakfast and I am waiting for the mess that may or may not follow, I know it gives you such pleasure to do it.

As much as you fight with your brother, I am 100% positive that you will always look out for him. You are an amazing big sister, always taking the time to sit down and teach him new stuff. This could be words, books, or counting. Just last week you asked me to find The Giving Tree because you wanted to teach Wesley how to read and this book had small and easy words. A couple of days ago you were waiting at the gate as I dropped him off at school. My heart gets a little fuller with each of these moments.

You go through chapter books in just a couple of days with current favorites being Junie B. Jones, Ramona, and anything with fairies. When you requested to start reading the Ramona books I stood up a little straighter that day because those books were my loves when I was a little girl.  We have started multiplication and you are picking it up lightning quick, practicing while you brush your teeth. And I am pretty sure you can spell any word in the English language if we spell it out for you just once.

With your smarts comes the heart of an artist. You have discovered Rainbow Loom like every little girl your age, making bracelets for everybody because of your generous spirit. All you need to be occupied for an afternoon is paint, crayons, glue, and construction paper. You have made many things with this inventory, even paper dolls and outfits for them.

You are the girliest of girls, still loving the color pink. You also love Barbie, Hello Kitty, and Lego Friends. Headbands, lipgloss, and bracelets litter every nook and cranny of our house.

Happy birthday My Scarlet. I love you with every ounce of my being and love watching you become your own person. You are fabulous and I am lucky to be your mama.


Ice Cream: Pink bubblegum

Movie: Teen Beach Movie

Song: “Oxygen” from Teen Beach Movie

TV Show: Full House

Book: NeverGirls from the Mist

Superhero: Wonder Woman

Scarlet birthday


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

3 thoughts on “My Girl

  1. This is a very special article, Stephanie and I hope you keep a copy for Scarlet to have and read periodically as she continues to grow up!

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