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Summer, Please Don’t Leave

With another summer came another Bucket List. I cut down the number of activities this year, but the fun we had was not diminished. I dare say we had more fun this year, if only because we got to spend time with extended family. Today is the first day of school for the new year for both of my babes and I am so excited for them (and me!). But I am also sad to see summer go. In order to get over this, I want to remember the things we did and maybe plan for next year (North Carolina! Getting on a plane!)

Our summer began when my hubby’s sister and her family traveled from the East Coast to hang with us for seven days. And boy did we have the grandest time. We all crashed into bed every night because of all the activities and quality time we spent together. Just a little recap of what we did:

Spent time with Grandma and Papa at their house (and pool):


Went to the beach:

Cousins Beach

Ate the deliciousness that is the Milky Bun:

Milky Bun

Visited our brand new local water park:


Play time with cousins:

Lego Cousins

With six weeks left after our family went home, we still had plenty to do on our bucket list. Along with the requisite arts and crafts, sleeping in late, and playing outside til it’s dark, we were also able to squeeze in:

Ice Cream for Dinner (Becoming a tradition, because why not?):

Ice Cream Dinner

Knott’s (A summer staple):


Outdoor movies:

Outdoor Movie

Adventure Playground (Hubby’s goal: to make me less of a helicopter mom while our little ones went down mud slides, pushed wood rafts in a shallow bed of water, and built forts with actual wood and nails (!!!!)):

Adventure Playground

Museum/Palm Springs (This one was featured in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure AND it is in Palm Springs-how could we say no?!): 

Pee Wees Palm Springs

Another summer has passed and I continue to savor every moment that makes my kids shout with excitement and giggle with abandonment. Now I am ready for Fall and what it brings: October, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Tick Tock, Starbucks), and Halloween!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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