Word Therapy

I Need More Nuts in My Diet

I like to think that I am a pretty healthy eater. I stopped eating red meat 11 years ago. When I was nursing Curls and Red, I stopped drinking soda (for the most part). I have tried to cut out dairy over the past couple of years but I do love me some cheese. And… Continue reading I Need More Nuts in My Diet

Mama Adventures

Team Wesley

Oh, My Wesley. My energizer bunny, my clock that never stops ticking. You are “on” all day long and the Wesley Show is a traveling one. You make everybody laugh wherever we go because your lack of inhibition makes you an adorable goofball. I am still learning how to handle you, even as you enter… Continue reading Team Wesley

Mama Adventures

My Girl

My beautiful Scarlet. I can't believe today is your seventh birthday. I still remember the first month after you were born and how you cried and screamed pretty much 24/7. I felt hopeless, exhausted, and terrified that I was doing a terrible job as your mother. Seven years later I still have days like that… Continue reading My Girl

Mama Adventures

Summer, Please Don’t Leave

With another summer came another Bucket List. I cut down the number of activities this year, but the fun we had was not diminished. I dare say we had more fun this year, if only because we got to spend time with extended family. Today is the first day of school for the new year… Continue reading Summer, Please Don’t Leave