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It’s Good To Be 39

I wanted to write something this year on my birthday because I feel this past year has been very momentous. I have grown a lot emotionally and I am happier because of it. As such, I decided to make a list of the pros of turning 39 and getting that much closer to the big 4-0:

  • I no longer have the angst of my 20s

    • Yes, sometimes I wish I was still living large and free with no obligations. But I wouldn’t trade the confidence and the feeling of being settled for ANYTHING

  • I care less what people think

    • Embracing my nerdiness and all that comes with it: YA novels, comic book conventions, movies, movies, and more movies

  • I am more accepting of my physical self

    • My Gwen-less abs

    • Freckles

    • Crows feet

    • Focusing on the strength I have achieved because of my consistent workouts

  • I enjoy healthier foods because of how it makes me feel, not how it tastes

    • Eat crap, you feel like crap

    • This makes it easier for me to say no to soda, potato chips, etc.

    • On the flip side, treating myself to dessert won’t send me into a downward spiral

  • I am not as hard on myself because I know I am doing the best I can

  • I feel like I could rock this walk:

ALL HAIL DONNA (if you’re not watching Suits, start).

When I turned 38 I was starting to pull myself out of a months long depression. I had started writing and reading more. It kicked off a year of discovery that finally led me to this: I am a good person and I have a lot to contribute to this world. Now that I am 39, I can look forward to the future and check off the following on my middle age bucket list:

  • Becoming a contestant on The Price is Right (I heart this game show so much)

  • Take a hot air balloon ride

  • Participate in my first NaNoWriMo

  • Go to my first Comic Book Convention (only one more week til WonderCon)






Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

5 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be 39

  1. Yes, definitely Happy Birthday to you!!! My personal daily mantra is “YOLO”. And though it’s certainly not original, it is very, very sincere. It helps with all the shit you mentioned above…and helps prepare me for the big 4-0:)

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