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Post Television Stress Disorder

If you didn’t watch season six’s finale of Sons of Anarchy last week, then you can not feel the utter anguish I am still experiencing after those last few minutes. Tara Knowles’s death at the hands of her mother in law Gemma Teller was one of the most brutal things I have ever witnessed in my TV watching history. A case of mistaken information led to this climax and it will be many, many nights before I recover. So in the spirit of Buzzfeed and to give myself some much needed therapy, I am going to count down the most gut wrenching deaths in recent years on the boob tube. Lets get started, shall we??

  1. Terry Bauer’s death on 24-Jack Bauer’s estranged wife met her demise at the hands of Nina Myers, Jack’s lover and the mole. Terry discovered over the 24 hours that she was pregnant. And in the season finale Nina shoots Terry in the stomach, thus killing Terry and her unborn child in the last two minutes of the season ender. I wasn’t even a mother at that time and the death crippled and haunted my dreams for at least six months afterwards.

  2. Sophia’s death on The Walking Dead-I jumped on The Walking Dead crazy train the summer of 2012, before the premiere of season three. I was and still am a fan of the comics. So I decided to give the show a second chance after snoozing through the first episode when it hit the air. And let me tell you something about this show. You have to be PATIENT because holy bejeez this show is slow. I did a marathon viewing of the two seasons that July. And when Rick and the gang finally opened Hershel’s barn door (after searching for her all season) and Sophia (Carol’s daughter) walked out with her fellow zombies, the wind was knocked out of me. After that “NO!” inducing moment, I was invested in every single one of those characters. Even though it continues to be a slow paced show, I hang in there because it always pays off.

  3. Hershel on The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, not unlike Game of Thrones has no problem killing off it’s main characters. Hershel’s death by beheading in the mid season finale was no exception. Others died (good riddance Governor!) but the good guys losing their best good guy had me doing the ugly cry. The Governor had to try three times before Hershel lost his head to Michonne’s sword while his daughters Beth and Maggie watched in agony. This death followed Hershel watching Rick redeem himself as leader of the group by telling The Governor that they all can change, no matter what they have done. The pride in Hershel’s eyes was like that of a father’s. The effects of his death will be felt tenfold as he was their moral compass and hope.

  4. Dr. Greg Pratt on ER-Yes, it has been four years since this medical drama concluded its long run. But Mekhi Phifer’s Dr. Pratt was my favorite doctor on the show. So when an ambulance blew up and he felt the impact, I figured he would recover. I never dreamed that I would see him on the gurney, with pure terror in his eyes, as his life drained from him. It was shocking to say the least and I still miss the mix of his cockiness and arrogance on the hospital floor.

  5. Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy-If you are a loyal watcher of Grey’s (as I was up until recently), you know you need to be prepared when you sit down to watch a season finale of Shonda Rhimes’ show. Bombs, explosions, miscarriages, and shootings are all par for the course. But when a plane carrying the doctors in 2012’s closer crashed and Meredith lost her beloved little sister Lexie, the devastation was felt. Meredith lost ANOTHER family member and Dr. Mark Sloan lost his true love. He realized this while holding her hand as she lay dying under the plane. We felt the pain for both Meredith and Mark and it was brutal. 

So now that I have brightened up your day, lets all go have some Christmas cookies and Egg Nog. Cheers!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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