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Movie Trailer Monday: The Lego Movie

The first Lego Movie movie trailer was released over the summer and I can’t say I was impressed. I may have rolled my eyes at the thought of a greedy movie studio trying yet again to trade on a popular toy by making a terrible movie (ahem, Transformers). But with this most recent trailer I can safely say that actual thought and effort went into the plot and the jokes made me laugh out loud. There is a hero voiced by Chris Pratt, Wonder Woman (Colbie Smulders), Superman (Channing Tatum), and a hilarious Batman (Will Arnett) just to name a few of the characters who come together to save the world.

The film is brought to us moviegoers by directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. This talented duo directed 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, proving that they can do adult humor and delight the kiddos.

Blu-ray or Theater: Curls and Red laughed so loud during this trailer so we will definitely be at the drive in opening weekend.

Have a productive week!


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