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Movie Trailer Monday: Dear Mr. Watterson

I grew up reading the comic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. I loved the relationship between the young and precocious Calvin with his tiger doll Hobbes (who was real to him). Calvin pushes everybody’s buttons, most of all his mom and dad. He is arrogant, philosophical, and sometimes even genius. Hobbes is there to provide the voice of reason. Nobody provided as many laughs for me as Calvin and Hobbes during my teenage reading years.

This week’s trailer is for the film Dear Mr. Watterson. It is a love letter to author Bill Watterson, with the documentary filmmakers interviewing those who have been impacted by the comic strip. It notably features Seth Green, who has had a long career in Hollywood. He has done everything from film, to TV, to his animated series Robot Chicken.

Blu-ray or Theater: As this is a documentary, I expect I will have to wait until it is released on Blu-ray. But I will have my complete Calvin and Hobbes collection to keep me company until that date.

Have a good week!


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