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READ ME. Pretty please. with sugar on top.

I have been writing my blog since the beginning of this year. I have consistently done at least two posts a week.  I have talked about my family, my love of movies and geekdom, and my journey as a writer. As I near my 100th post and 110 followers, I decided it was time to make this blog even better.
Every time one of my posts is published, I am informed by email. When somebody comments on the post, I am notified. Same goes for when somebody starts following my blog or even just likes it on Facebook. These are all stats that are available to me. I have always had them in the back of my mind, slowly needling me. These stats tell me, “You should be writing more of this and less of this.” My friends and family may want to hear about my Mama Adventures, but the stats show that these stories get a small amount of views. And I understand that. I follow many Mommy bloggers and competing with writers that are way more talented and experienced than I when it comes to the hilarity of raising children (Dooce and The Bloggess come to mind) is daunting. And as much as I love my Movie Trailer Mondays, I know that they really are just for me. I indulge my movie geek every week, hoping that others will like the trailer, but the numbers don’t lie. I won’t entirely give up on going with my gut when I sit down to write a story, but my instincts right now are telling me that to become a better writer and to achieve being successful, I need to give the peeps what they want.
So my part is writing more about my writing. But, dear readers, I need your help. And I am going to be greedy and ask for two things. One, I need to know what your favorite posts of mine are and what you like to read about it. Two, and this is a BIG one, I need you to pimp my blog out. Tell your friends, your family, your favorite Target checker (yes, I have one), your local librarian, and your coworkers. Hell, just share my posts on your Facebook and we are square. Part of being a blogger is selling myself and I am not to proud to beg. And with that, I give you this…..

Let me know what your favorite post has been. I’m really not looking for an ego stroke (although that is a side benefit). I truly do want to get better and I need your help. And thank you, thank you, thank you for reading. There are many things you can do with your time and choosing to be a part of my world humbles me.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

3 thoughts on “READ ME. Pretty please. with sugar on top.

  1. I left a comment on FB too, but I wanted to add that I like the posts that address goal setting and how you’re achieving them. And, what about book reviews instead of just movies? Oh, and I would take out your address from the pic of your submission envelopes in the post “On The Road Again”. Love the blog. Keep it up!

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