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Movie Trailer Monday: Escape From Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow is a different kind of film, to say the least. Randy Moore shot his movie at Disney World last year about a guy who meets up with two girls while on vacation. What he failed to do while making the movie is get permission from the Big Mouse himself. He got a lot of press coverage when this fact was discovered and needless to say Disney was not happy.

Now that the first trailer has arrived, we see what all the hoopla is about. And during the one minute plus I can tell you that it doesn’t amount to much. It looks like an old Twilight Zone episode gone wrong. Moore is obviously not a fan of the Disney product and thought maybe he would be exposing all parents’ nightmare of a trip to one of the parks with his “art”. But what I think it does is just show that he is a little off his rocker and gives press to a company that so does not need it.

But why don’t you be the judge…

Blu-Ray or Theater:  I might watch it once it is on TBS or TNT on a Saturday afternoon. But not before then.

Have an amazing seven days!


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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