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Movie Trailer Monday: Frozen

Happy Monday! I am here to cure your case of the Mondays with the trailer for the Disney film Frozen. It is coming out this Thanksgiving, just in time to for the Wilson family tradition of going to the movies the night before we stuff ourselves silly (Who am I kidding, my kids don't eat… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: Frozen


Fiction Friday: Eleanor and Park

A suggestion was made to me that I might want to start reviewing books. I read at least two books a month and don't feel like myself unless I have a book on my person at all times. The idea made sense and it pushes me to write more (practice, practice, practice).Today's book is called… Continue reading Fiction Friday: Eleanor and Park

Good Things


October is my favorite month of the year. It brings the smell of the changing season, holiday decorations, an excuse to watch anything scary (YAY!), and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. A lot of people are refreshed and woken up with Spring and the blooming flowers. I gobble up October and go “nom nom… Continue reading Mmmmmm…..October

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Movie Trailer Monday: Nebraska

For today's movie trailer, Nebraska, one word came to mind as I previewed this holiday movie: DIFFERENT. Nebraska is the story of Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) and his claim that he needs to travel to Nebraska from Montana to claim the million dollars that he has won. Holding him back is his son David (Will… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: Nebraska

Word Therapy

READ ME. Pretty please. with sugar on top.

I have been writing my blog since the beginning of this year. I have consistently done at least two posts a week.  I have talked about my family, my love of movies and geekdom, and my journey as a writer. As I near my 100th post and 110 followers, I decided it was time to… Continue reading READ ME. Pretty please. with sugar on top.

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Movie Trailer Monday: Escape From Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow is a different kind of film, to say the least. Randy Moore shot his movie at Disney World last year about a guy who meets up with two girls while on vacation. What he failed to do while making the movie is get permission from the Big Mouse himself. He got a… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: Escape From Tomorrow

Word Therapy

Learning, Inspiration, Pushing Through, and Slutty Stories

All summer long I would try to sit down and write every day. "1000 words," I said. "I can do it," I would tell myself. But more often than not, I wouldn't. Either I would be interrupted by Curls and Red, I would busy myself doing something else, or the voices in my head would… Continue reading Learning, Inspiration, Pushing Through, and Slutty Stories