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Dear Curls

You turn six today, my glorious baby girl, and I cannot believe it. You call me “Mommy” in one breath and then turn around and go make your bed in the next. You still suck on your two fingers but sleep in your bed most nights. You are constantly asking for permission to do things such as put away your own clothes, clean the dishes, or set the table. You clam up when anybody other than those closest to you tries to engage you. You are a sour puss most days but when you do grace us with your smile you light up the world.

You have hit many milestones over the past year. You have lost four teeth (the first you swallowed). You completed kindergarten with flying colors and even received student of the month during that time. It took you a while to get over your fear but you finally learned to ride your bike (and we haven’t been able to get you off of it since). Your love of learning resulted in you becoming an avid reader. And you gained confidence in yourself by not letting others bully you at school.

Your favorites haven’t changed much over the year. Pink, macaroni and cheese, and any Disney princess (Sofia the First being in first place) are still dear to your heart. Root beer is your drink of choice. You discovered Teen Titans, Teen Beach Movie, and anything else that is Disney and teen related. You exhaust your father and I with your love of catch. And as tone deaf as you are, your passion when you sing your favorite song of the day (I Love It by Icona Pop is a recent one) is unmatched.

Curls, you are hot tempered but quick to forgive (just like your mama). You are already giving us a preview of your teenage years with your mood swings and abundance of emotion. But you are also so loving. You show the most patience out of anybody in the house with your brother. You freely give compliments to anybody you love, showing your selflessness. You are already your own person at such a young age and I couldn’t be prouder to call you mine.

Curls Supermodel

Happy birthday My Bugs. I love you forever and ever.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

4 thoughts on “Dear Curls

  1. This is beautiful Stephanie. She is a really sweet little girl. Your heart for her is lovely. I love six. A lot A lot. Happy Happy Birthday Scarlet. Rylan still wishes she had curls, just cause of you! 🙂

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