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Movie Trailer Monday: Elysium

Elysium is the kind of late summer blockbuster that has the potential to surprise moviegoers. Director Neill Blomkamp landed on the Hollywood map in 2009 with the film District 9. The movie had no big names and yet became a hit with a box office total of about $115 million. It was a dark and gritty sci fi thriller with social commentary.

With Elysium Blomkamp is sticking to the sci fi with social commentary but this time with big names. Matt Damon plays the lead character Max de Costa. Max lives on planet Earth where everything has been desecrated. Those who are rich live on a luxurious space station where they don’t ever have to worry about getting sick. When Max’s life becomes at risk he is forced to attempt the dangerous task of going to the space station, aka Elysium. If he succeeds he will not only save his life but also those who are on Earth.

Here is the trailer. Have a great week!  


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