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Europe vs. 2 Days at Knott’s

Nine years ago this October, Hubby and I were traveling through Europe. We didn’t have a care in the world. One week ago today, Hubby and I were navigating the water and amusement park that is Knott’s Soak City and Berry Farm with Curls and Red. At first thought it may seem like these two adventures couldn’t be more different. I thought so too. But as I remembered everything that went down, I realized they were more alike then I realized. Below are a breakdown of each trip:


3 weeks of traveling on a bus exhausted us both              


2 days of fun with our little ones put us down for the count     


Yelling at Australian members of our tour to be quiet at 2 am      


Yelling at Curls and Red to calm down  the entire time


Stayed in sketchy hotels 


Stayed in a sketchy hotel 


Prostitutes and drug dealers in Amsterdam


Prostitutes and drug dealers/pimps in our hotel    




Funnel Cakes


Champs Elysees shops were closed in Paris the day we were there-Meltdown City (Me)


Log Ride doesn’t open the day we were  there-Meltdown City (Kids)

I can honestly say as memorable as Europe was, the two days listening to my kids giggle, scream, and run all over these two amusement parks will stay in my heart forever.  

Family Knotts










Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

3 thoughts on “Europe vs. 2 Days at Knott’s

  1. I am so jealous you went to Europe! Hate you! Hahahaha! I am jealous of the Knott’s think too! Lol, haven’t been able to take the kids to an amusement park in quite a while! Boo!!! Hoping to take them to the “Priciest (aka Happiest) Place in the World” soon!

    1. The cost of one annual pass to Knott’s equals the cost of one day for one person at the “priciest” place on earth and my kids love it just as much. And we can go every day of the year if we want 🙂

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