Good Things


I love underdog stories so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I look forward to seeing who the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest is each year. The winners tend to be of the Chinese Crested/Chihuahua variety. I don't care what breed wins, I always find them to be adorable. But this year's… Continue reading Walle

Mama Adventures

Insert Evil Laugh

Almost six years into motherhood and I am still learning the ropes. I take it one day at a time and when the kids are finally asleep for the day I can collapse on the couch and truly relax. With summer giving us hours and hours of play, I try to give them at least… Continue reading Insert Evil Laugh

Pop Culture

Movie Trailer Monday: White House Down

I am a self proclaimed movie snob. I admit it. I sneer at Transformer movie trailers and anything else that looks equally mindless. And then there are Roland Emmerich films. He has done movies like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Action packed and light on the story. In my opinion (feel free to… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: White House Down

Good Things


Curls and Red are at the age where they are starting to stop watching the Disney Channel and Nick Jr. Instead they are watching Boomerang and Cartoon Network. I am sad they don't love the other channels as much anymore because that means they are starting to grow up. And then there are the commercials… Continue reading Chillow

Word Therapy

Let Go, Let Flow

I have talked about being sad before. I haven't been professionally diagnosed so I can't go on record as saying that I am mentally depressed. But one thing I know I have is triggers. Triggers are basically things that push my buttons and put me on edge. Being overwhelmed, not meeting deadlines, constantly having to… Continue reading Let Go, Let Flow

Pop Culture

MTM: The Wolf of Wall Street

The dynamic duo Scorsese and DiCaprio are back for the new movie The Wolf of Wall Street and hot damn does it look good. Throw in McConaughey and Hill (first names aren't necessary, dontcha' know?), 90s excess, some hot blondes, a dark sense of humor, and I AM THERE. Yes, it looks like Wall Street… Continue reading MTM: The Wolf of Wall Street

Good Things

Monster Mama

This book caught my eye on a recent outing to the library with the kiddos. They wanted nothing to do with it but I couldn't leave its side.  Mama and her boy in the top right corner look as if they are dreams and nightmares, coexisting as one. It reminded me of a  Guillermo del Toro… Continue reading Monster Mama