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Working It

These are my abs: 

I dare you not to look at these awesome abs

Truth? FINE. They aren’t my abs. They are Gwen Stefani’s. They are abs I aspire to. I figure if a 41 year old rockstar mother of two boys can have abs like this, so can I. I like to workout and try to focus on different parts of my body every day. But my abs are just as stubborn as my personality. My arms have been shaped as close to Jennifer Aniston’s as they are ever going to be. My legs are somewhat Carrie Underwood-ish (minus her fabulous tan). But my stomach has the mom pooch. The elasticity of my youth has disappeared and its place it has left me with a belly that sticks its tongue out when I sit down (the irony has not been lost on me).  But I will not be deterred.

So for the past three weeks I have done ab work in addition to my regular workout routine. It hurts. I hate it. But I am not backing down. I am going to beat my abs into Gwen Stefani submission and buy a crop top to celebrate when they do.  

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Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

4 thoughts on “Working It

  1. Gwen Stefani is my fashion inspiration, a creative inspiration, seems to be a wonderful mother….THOSE ABS, are freakin AWESOME!!! Kudos to you my friend for telling your body who is boss! You go girl!!! Me on the other hand, well, I have had my abs hacked in to on 4 separate occasions to birth my 4 wonderful children and I shall let them rest snuggly in a pair of Spanx….lol! Way easier! Your post however, has me rethinking my views…..

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