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MTM: About Time

Romantic comedy alert: I LOVE Richard Curtis. If you haven’t seen Love Actually or Notting Hill, you are missing out. As a female I have a predilection for movie romances. But I despise dumb romantic comedies. I hate predictable love stories (I’m looking at you Katherine Heigl). I want new takes on these tales. I want to laugh and cry. I want to identify with these characters. Richard Curtis gets that.

So when I saw the trailer for his new movie About Time, I was over the moon. The movie looks like a combination of Groundhog Day and The Time Traveler’s Wife. It stars romantic comedy go to actress Rachel McAdams and it is about Tim (Domnhall Gleeson). Tim finds out that he can time travel and he decides to use that to better his life. When he meets Mary (McAdams), she becomes his focus. Gleeson isn’t your standard handsome leading man. But if you are a Harry Potter fan (and who isn’t??), you will recognize him as a Weasley. And for my hubby, he is the son of Brendan Gleeson.

Here is the trailer. The movie comes out November 8th . Have a good week!  


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