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Summer Bucket List

In just three short weeks, the routine of school will give way to the freeness of summer vacation. And with it it will take my sanity. The kids and I thrive on a schedule and it’s hard to stick to that when you have the heat of summer and a mom who wants to finish writing a book. Last year our family did a summer bucket list (Thank you Pinterest). This is what it looked like: 

Wilson Bucket List

We had 25 clothespins attached, i.e. 25 things to do. These items included: Going to the beach, camping, glow bath, making ice cream, etc., etc. We accomplished 23 of the 25 things (Camping is not my idea of a good time, no matter how you sugar coat it. When an RV is involved, that will get checked off.) This year I have been more proactive to ensure my mental health and have made up a preliminary list. Planting a garden, going to a water park, one craft a week, horseback riding, and learn to ride bikes are a handful of what I have so far. I hope that this will make a great summer for the kiddos and will keep me from counting the days down to when the first day of school is…..


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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