Mama Adventures

A Mama is Born

My Red is a typical three year old. Boundless amounts of energy, attention span of a gnat, and sweetness all balled into one. He exhausts me from sun up to way past sun down. I am considering investing in a countdown clock to hang up in my house to remind me of how long I… Continue reading A Mama is Born

Pop Culture

MTM: Riddick

Today's movie trailer is for the new Vin Diesel flick Riddick. A lot of people may think that The Fast and the Furious put Vin Diesel on the map but I can assure you that it was the sci-fi film Pitch Black. Pitch Black is a great movie that came out back in 2000 (The… Continue reading MTM: Riddick

Word Therapy

My 1st rejection letter and I couldn’t be happier

I received my first rejection letter last Friday. When I noticed my writing on the self addressed stamped envelope, my heart sped up. The envelope was thick and that made me start to shake. Is it possible that I would be published this quickly?  But then I opened the envelope and saw this: Behind the… Continue reading My 1st rejection letter and I couldn’t be happier

Mama Adventures

Working It

These are my abs:  Truth? FINE. They aren't my abs. They are Gwen Stefani's. They are abs I aspire to. I figure if a 41 year old rockstar mother of two boys can have abs like this, so can I. I like to workout and try to focus on different parts of my body every… Continue reading Working It

Pop Culture

MTM: About Time

Romantic comedy alert: I LOVE Richard Curtis. If you haven't seen Love Actually or Notting Hill, you are missing out. As a female I have a predilection for movie romances. But I despise dumb romantic comedies. I hate predictable love stories (I'm looking at you Katherine Heigl). I want new takes on these tales. I… Continue reading MTM: About Time


Thank you fashionable Target lady

 When I was in Target on Friday, I walked past a lady a few times who was also getting her shop on. What made her standout was how stylish her attire was. Her toes were painted a bright orange and they were in a pair of jeweled gladiator sandals. Her outfit consisted of a pair… Continue reading Thank you fashionable Target lady

Pop Culture

MTM: Fruitvale Station (Update)

So even though it is supposed to be Movie Trailer Monday, I don't have a movie trailer today.  But with good reason.  For the past 10 days, the Sundance film festival has been happening in Park City, Utah.  And the film I have read about over and over is the movie Fruitvale.  It is the story of Oscar… Continue reading MTM: Fruitvale Station (Update)