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Jules and Vincent

I like to work out. It makes me feel strong, it sets an example for my kids, and the results aren’t bad either. But there are days that I have to MAKE myself do it. Like when I start a new workout and it hurts. I am out of breath and I am falling down because I am a clumsy ass and I can’t get that one move down. At times I like this I need to focus. And this is what I look at:

Jules and Vincent

For those who don’t recognize my two men, that would be Jules and Vincent, Dia de los Muertos style. It was done by artist MisNopalesArt, who has a shop on Etsy. I love the film Pulp Fiction and I love anything Dia de los Muertos. So….VOILA! Two of my favs combined, framed, and placed right in my eye line while I am working out. They make me smile and that helps me to not fall on my butt. They are the constant that I need on those kinds of days.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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