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Movie Trailer Monday: Double Whammy

Today I am writing about two films that I am excited about for very different reasons. First up is You’re Next. It is the story of a family reunion at a secluded house when they are attacked by a group of people wearing animal masks. It is a horror film that is reminiscent of The Strangers. I love horror films that are done right. I relish the feeling of tension and jumping out of my skin when I am given a good scare. This preview appears to do that and I can’t wait until August when it comes out.

The second film is Before Midnight, the sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. All three star Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as a couple who met in the first and how their relationship has changed over almost 20 years. When I saw Before Sunrise I was 19 and it appealed to every romantic bone in my body.  It is still one of my favorite love stories. The trailer shows funny and sweet moments. And I only have to wait until next month.

Have a good week!



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