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I really want to be a good person

     One of the first things I told Curls when she started kindergarten was, “You don’t have to be friends with everybody. Just be nice.” And she has done remarkably well. She hears me yell at other drivers when we are on our way to school. She hears me swear when I drop something or hurt myself. And the more I do it, the more I think, “Why can’t I be more like my daughter??”

     I want to set an example for my kids just like any good parent does. I want to celebrate the good things and the let the bad ones slide off my back. So when I came across this post on Momastery (another of my favorite blogs), it stuck with me.  

     I love the message that Glennon of Momastery puts out there. She is all about love, no matter what she has had to face (and she has stared down a number of obstacles). So if I can see how lucky I am with my amazing family, great friends, and the ability to do what I love, I can maybe greet everyone like Glennon and Chase with the Onion Man. Even if I have to swallow my bad words and negative thoughts and have a constant gag reflex, I will TRY.

     So when Curls comes home and tells me that the one student in her class is still not being nice, I will tell her again that this student is probably the way they are because they are sad. And she doesn’t have to be her friend but she can still be nice.

    Hopefully I will remember that the next time some jackhole decides to go 15 miles below the speed limit.  


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