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Movie Trailer Monday: Celeste and Jesse Forever

Hubs and I rented Celeste and Jesse Forever this weekend. It’s the story of Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) as a recently separated married couple. They have been best friends since high school and still hang out every day. Jesse lives in the studio behind Celeste’s house because he is unemployed. Their friends think they are crazy that they still hang out but they don’t care. When Jesse starts seeing Veronica (Rebecca Dayan), Celeste starts to lose control of her life and realizes she may not want to be without him.

Jones and Samberg are very likeable actors. Jones is that beautiful girl that can be just one of the guys while Samberg is responsible for a lot of recent classic Saturday Night Live sketches. Together they have an ease on screen. It is a sweet story with more drama than you would expect from them. Los Angeles is an integral part of the story with places like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Chateau Marmont, and underground clubs setting the stage for banter between the main characters and date locations for Celeste.

Overall, Celeste and Jesse Forever made me laugh and cry. A lot of it had to do with Jones and Samberg and how well they play off one another. I would definitely recommend it. Here is the trailer to see if it is up your alley. Have a great week!



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