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Movie Trailer Monday: Kick-Ass 2

I have mentioned numerous times that I really, really like super hero movies. Kick-Ass is no different. Kick-Ass is the black sheep to the Marvel and DC comic superheroes. And I love the underdog no matter what. For those who haven’t seen the first Kick-Ass movie, it involved a nerdy high school teenage boy (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who wanted to make a difference so he dresses up like a superhero and tries to save the day. His first save doesn’t go so well. In fact, he gets his ass kicked. And then there is Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her pops, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage). Big Daddy trains his baby girl to be a superhero by shooting her. But when they band together they prove they have got what it takes to take on crime boss Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong). The movie is a fantastic dark comedy and it launched the careers of Taylor-Johnson and Grace Moretz.

When I heard they were making a sequel I was stoked. It comes out this June and this time around Jim Carrey joins the cast. It looks just as good as the first. Check out the red band trailer. Have a great week!


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