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Movie Trailer Monday: Oz the Great and Powerful review

The family and I were able to go to the drive in (yes, they still exist) this weekend and see Oz the Great and Powerful. I had mentioned the movie earlier this month and how it would provide big numbers ( I also predicted that Jack the Giant Slayer would do well but we won’t discuss that). Oz managed to bank $80 million this week which put it as the third highest March opening ever behind The Hunger Games and Alice in Wonderland.

All of us enjoyed the film because it had something for everybody. I loved the visuals (scenery, makeup, and the costumes). Hubby liked the nostalgia it produced. Curls and Red were wide eyed with the witches and loved the funny and sweet characters such as Finley and China Girl (which were favorites of mine also).

James Franco lays it on pretty thick in the beginning as the titular character but he grows on you by the end. Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams were engaging and believable as Evanora and Glinda but Mila Kunis came across as a petulant child. The story will make you long for The Wizard of Oz, even if it is a little weak. But it is easy to forgive because it is charming and fun. Overall it was a good film that satisfied the whole family.

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.


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