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BST Alert: American Eagle Outfitters

If you read my blog last year (yes, talkstwomuch would be my 3RD attempt at a blog), you hopefully remember a post I did on BST, or Bargain Shopper Tourettes.  BST is one of my more annoying quirks (there is a bucket load).  Whenever somebody compliments me on something that I am wearing and I have scored a great deal on it, I blurt out how much I paid for it and where I got it.  My excitement for the money I saved overrides the little amount of social skills I have (especially the one that tells me to shut the hell up) and I am going to tell that person the gory details even if they don’t want to hear it.  And now that you have been warned, here is my BST of the week:

American Eagle Goodies

Between January and February, there are always great deals to be had.  A lot of stuff has been marked down after the holidays and when there is another holiday weekend (such as Martin Luther King or Presidents’ day), those marked down items get marked down some more.  These weekends make me giddy because I can’t wait to scour racks and look for clothes for the kiddos and I (I don’t buy for the Hubs-he’s too picky and I hate returning stuff).

The four items above are what I bought for myself a couple of weeks ago.  I love American Eagle Outfitters.  Most of there clothes are good quality and their sweatpants and sweatshirts are SO SOFT.  For all of this I paid $59.  I got it on a weekend that they had an additional 40% off and free shipping (yep, didn’t even have to leave my house).  I paid $18 for the jeans and $12/piece for everything else.  I love everything I got and still want to do cartwheels when I think how much I saved. SCORE.

Are there any places that you love to shop at for deals?


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